The Hâgthorn Wound


Will’s longing for his missing father ignites a dramatic and fateful quest into Fairus, a mythical country in which the unseen things of the world have transformed into creatures of elemental power, a land in which a single heart-felt request transforms one realm and shatters another. Inspired by George MacDonald’s classic fairytales, FAIRUS is a YA Odyssey Adventure, a there and back again tale with a twist. Every evening at lamplight, a tall, shadowy wayfarer, leans against the stone base of a tall lamp post a block away from Will’s flat. By way of an invitation delivered by a cat, the rangy wanderer invites Will to a meeting. Beneath the glow of lamplight the cloaked stranger introduces himself as Chief of the Four Houndsmen and presents Will with an incalculable gift, a Wayfinder, which will, among other extraordinary capabilities, guide Will to his father. Will accepts. The bearer of the gift declares Will a Traveller. On his way home a horse-drawn carriage rattles to an abrupt stop a few strides from his landlady’s steps. Its cantankerous driver, who addresses Will by name and claims to know the whereabouts of his father, beckons Will to enter.


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