Shelter Island

The Song of Fridorfold Book I

While bickering over the contents of a magic pouch, Cary, Clarisse and Gregory unintentionally summon three fearsome birds of prey. These warriors of an ancient race sweep the siblings away to Shelter Island, a world between worlds, long protected behind a trackless veil of turbulent fog. The moment they arrive, winged scouts attack. Clarisse and Gregory escape to the caves of Husgard. Cary’s captors dispatch him to Vangorfold, a centuries-old stronghold sworn to Husgard’s destruction. Tangled in an ancient quarrel, Cary, Clarisse and Gregory are bound to an adventure of breathless aerobatics, dire escapes, treacherous enemies, life-and-death decisions, and an ancient song of loyalty and courage. But can the three set aside their differences, mend their wounded feelings, reunite, and help save a forgotten race of intelligent birds from an ancient evil?

Shelter Island is the debut fantasy by Toronto native John Paul Tucker. It is an exciting epic fantasy adventure for middle-grade readers and fantasy-lovers of all ages. If your kids love talking animals and fantasy with plenty of epic battles, dragons and heroic chivalry, they will love this book.

Front and centre is the relationship between the three children who find the magic pouch. The characters are believable: fiercely loyal, but fraught with the usual petty jealousies that mask a true respect and love.

This book will be enjoyed by those who like epic fantasies like “Lord of the Rings,” “The Hobbit” and the “Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe,” and modern fantasies with animal characters like “The Guardians of Ga’hool” and “Silverwing.”

Terry Jones, Canadian Book Scene

Shelter Island was an interesting read that was different from any fantasy book that I have read in the past. It was filled with unique characters and it took me to what felt like a new world. Overall, this would be a great book for middle schoolers!

Books For Books

Shelter Island was a well written book that I enjoyed even as an adult, though I do think children would enjoy it more based off of the age of the characters. I liked the characters, especially Clarisse as I just loved her spirit and personality.

Sefina Hawke, Sefina Hawke’s Books


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