John Paul is currently celebrating publishing his 50th article on, an educational website he created for writers, featuring writing tips and techniques harvested from the books we love to read. But he does not solely write about writing well. He holds degrees in Theatre and Theology and has many years experience as an Ontario Certified English Language Teacher, in addition to teaching mime, puppetry and Drama to teens and children. It has furnished him with an eclectic head of ideas.

His poem City Sidewalks won first prize in a Toronto wide poetry contest. A few of his short stories, The Crooked Tree, The Debt Collector, Foul Deeds Shall Rise and The Dibble Street Regurgitator have won prizes awarded by The Word Guild and The Prescott Journal.

You will find another of his fantasy stories published in the popular Hot Apple Cider anthology Christmas with Hot Apple Cider. JP has recently published The Rooster and the Raven King & The Rise of the Crimson King, Books II & III of The Song of Fridorfold trilogy, pursuing Cary, Clarisse and Gregory on their fantastic adventures. John Paul is excited to have launched his fourth novel, The Hâgthorn Wound, Book I of a YA fantasy series inspired by the remarkable storyteller, George MacDonald. In addition to all his novels you can watch book trailers here.