A New Fantasy Adventure!

You can fly...but you can never run.

A New Fantasy Adventure! 2017-11-20T17:09:27+00:00

  From the pen of John Paul Tucker, 

a Children’s Fantasy Adventure…

While bickering over the contents of a small, intricately embroidered pouch, three siblings unintentionally summon three mail-clad birds of prey, who hasten their three young conscripts to Shelter Island, refuge to a long divided realm hidden from the children’s homeland for hundreds of years…

Entangled in a centuries old conflict, the children hasten the fortunes, for good or ill, not only of a forgotten civilization of birds, but of their homeland.

hawk silhoutette copy

Three fair feathers travellers are,
Bearing friends or foes afar
Bound together, by bearers three
Summons three bearers to bear ye.

“It’s a riddle,” said Gregory, more excited with each new revelation.
“Maybe,” said Clarisse, who knew more about different sorts of puzzles from her reading. “It sounds more like an enchantment.”


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