Airborn By Kenneth Oppel – Airborn Soars

Airborn By Kenneth Oppel – Airborn Soars

Book Cover: Airborn  By Kenneth Oppel  – Airborn Soars

Kenneth Oppel's Airborn is set in, and borrows from the late Victorian or early Edwardian period. The era’s sensibilities are all present, including a fascination for all things flora and fauna, a divide between the privileged rich and the struggling poor, the seeds of the suffragette movement and, of course, the well oiled, steam engine of the industrial revolution barreling down the tracks and launching into the skies. Oppel transforms his work into fantasy when he animates the romantic idealism and imaginative visions of the era into mechanical and living, breathing characters.
Not two pages into the first chapter we witness a hair-raising rescue, in which Oppel introduces Airborn’s characters, its epochal setting, and its romantic (in the literary sense) atmosphere. Airborn lifts the reader in a hot-air balloon and never touches land till it’s finished with you. That’s what ‘they’ all say: grab’em from the first page.

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